Top secret between Model and Photographer.

Carlos Julio Gonzalez

“EL Cafe” with Carlos Julio Gonzalez


Alex Sierra

Alex Sierra

Dmitry Denisov

Dmitry Denisov

Every time shooting with new photographer is like watching to a new mirror in different frame. Its you, but in different role, different look, different frame.

You communicate by phone, prepare the idea, location, discuss details and then meet. And then shoot. Interaction starts from your first “Hi!” by phone.

You feel the energy of voice, imagine charisma and personality of each other. Easy communication makes your work together easy and fun. Humor is also very important.
Humor and professionalism.

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REM photography

REM Photography

REM photography


Its very important to get into mutual understanding between photographer and model so you feel each other. I always think that shooting process is something intimate, because you open your heart to the camera, and there are some eyes behind this camera that see you some way. Thats why its very important to find some personal points of getting in touch between 2 people before you start to shoot.

A lot of work in projects is spontaneous so you don’t know who is gonna shoot and how its gonna be. But anyway you talk and get to know each other and make sure you understand well what photographer wants from you and what emotions and look you should give to the camera. Before the first click, first flash, first pose. Otherwise its gonna be communication of two deaf and blind people trying to make it work.

And you can have best equipment , amazing light, super professional camera and perfect make up , but if you don’t feel each other through the camera and don’t understand each other its gonna be just shooting a giraffe in the Zoo eating leafs from tree.

Thats why: models, talk to your photographers, they are always interesting people, nice and professional. And you will get the best shots in your life! And both of you will enjoy the process and result! And your customers will be satisfied with your work and book you again.

"Maizabroza" with Carlos Julio Gonzalez

Mr Choc

Shooting “MR CHoc” with Umbra Estudio

Vodka Russeika

Shooting for “Vodka Russeika” with Carlos Julio Gonzalez

Kustom Companies

“Kustom Companies” with Loic Recoilless

"Mr Choc" cacao with "Umbra Estudio"

Shooting “Mr Choc” cacao with “Umbra Estudio”


Maizabroza with Umbra Estudio

"JEEP Patriot"  with Carlos Julio Gonzalez

“JEEP Patriot” with Carlos Julio Gonzalez


“JEEP Patriot” with Carlos Julio Gonzalez

“Banco del Litoral” with Carlos Julio Gonzalez


“Maizabroza” with Carlos Julio Gonzalez